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AB 430 training

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Administrator Information

Our Administrator Resources

A comprehensive, up-to-date database of local health and social services is the backbone of 211. Call specialists use the database to refer callers to resources. Individuals can access the database, too, free of charge. Just select from the menu options at left. Special guides for targeted populations are updated regularly and can be downloaded in English and Spanish.

The 21st Century Fluency Project

The 21st Century Fluency Project is a collaborative initiative that was created to develop exceptional educational resources to assist in transforming learning to be relevant to life in the 21st century. Our mission is simple - to instill awareness of the importance of the change that is happening today, to help educators understand the need to "catch up" to today's students by re-evaluating current instructional and assessment methods, and to provide guidance in how to make change a beneficial thing for both student and teacher.

AB 430 (Formerly AB 75)

New state assessment and accountability requirements have created new challenges for site administrators. AB 430 is intended to provide all principals and vice principals with current training in leadership...

Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID)

The purpose of the AVID program is to prepare students for four-year college eligibility and to restructure the teaching methodologies of an entire school to make college preparatory curricula accessible to almost all students.

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A Road Map to Kindergarten©

A Road Map to Kindergarten© is a component of a public parent education campaign.

The parent education campaign strives to:

  • Provide a guide for successful Kindergarten transitions for parents of children ages 0-5
  • Increase the knowledge of early childhood developmental milestones and school readiness indicators
  • Promote partnerships and collaboration of family supports and educational services
  • Empower families to become active partners in education

Bullying and School Safety Resources

The NEA's Bully Free: It Starts with Me Campaign

The NEA provides bullying and sexual harassment prevention and intervention resources for teachers and education support professionals.


CalEdFacts is a compilation of statistics and information on a variety of issues concerning education in California.

California Children's Report Card – 2014

From – How kids are doing in our state and what needs to be done about it.


A California School Funding Map Tool

You can choose to look at funding for school districts, or by State Senate District or State Assembly District.

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Categorical State and Federal Programs

Categorical programs are designed to support the academic success of students who are most at-risk of not meeting state standards. This area of the web site is designed to support schools and districts, and Categorical Program Directors (CPD), with the implementation of these educational programs by providing the most current information shared at the monthly CDE meetings, as well as those held at the County Office.

Coordinating Council

The CCC Coordinating Council is also a forum for communication and information sharing among school district administrators, County Office of Education administrators, and key personnel from the Probation Department, District Attorney’s Office, Child and Family Services, and the Juvenile Courts. In addition to its quarterly meetings, the Council convenes additional meetings focused on particular topics, as needed.

Contra Costa County STEAM

A leader in Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics Education for the Contra Costa County School Districts and the region by developing opportunities, providing resources and fostering communication among STEAM and Educational professionals that prepare all students to become successful members of a rapidly emerging technological world.


An award-winning educational Web portal for teachers and students offering anytime, anywhere access to tools and resources designed to enhance student learning and help teachers meet state standards.

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FBI-SOS-Safe Online Surfing Internet Challenge

A FREE internet safety and cyber citizenship program for 3rd through 8th grades. Backed by the FBI and Nova Southeastern University

Federal Education Budget Project

Non-partisan, authoritative source of easily accessible information on federal education funding for the media, policy makers and staff, state and local officials, non-profit organizations, and the public.

Pertussis (Whooping Cough)

California is experiencing an increase in the number of reported illnesses due to Pertussis. Contra Costa has not reported any deaths from whooping cough in 2010. Children younger than 6 months of age are the most vulnerable to serious illness if they develop Pertussis. The most effective prevention against Pertussis is vaccination. We encourage vaccinations for parents, caregivers, siblings and healthcare workers. This helps decrease the chances of a young infant being exposed to Pertussis. Symptoms of Pertussis begin with a cough and runny nose for 1–2 weeks followed by weeks of coughing fits. Fever is not usually seen. People with symptoms should see their health care provider for testing and diagnosis.

Pertussis (Whooping Cough) Information for Parents (English)

Pertussis (Whooping Cough) Information for Parents (Spanish)

Information Provided by the Contra Costa Health Services

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Quality Education Investment Act (QEIA)

The Quality Education Investment Act (QEIA) was signed into statute in 2006 under Senate Bill 1133. The purpose of the legislation was to improve student academic success in California's lowest performing schools by creating substantially improved conditions for teaching and learning.

ROP (Career Technical Education)

ROP is a career training program designed for high school juniors and seniors and adult learners. The goal of ROP is to help students learn about career opportunities and develop job skills.

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Valenzuela CAHESE Settlement

AB 347 requires school districts, charter schools, and county superintendents that participate in a specified categorical funding program -- the intensive instruction and services program -- to offer services to students who did not pass the CAHSEE by the end of grade 12.

Williams Settlement Visitations

As a result of the legislation stemming from the Williams Settlement, the Contra Costa County Office of Education is responsible for conducting visitations to schools that had an API in the 1st - 3rd deciles in 2003.

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