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Special Education - Floyd I. Marchus School


The Counseling and Education Program (CEP) provides special education services and integrated counseling for approximately 150 elementary, middle and secondary school students who have been identified with significant emotional and behavioral needs. Students are referred to the CEP from any of 16 participating school districts of the Contra Costa County SELPA and neighboring SELPAs of Mt. Diablo and San Ramon school districts.

The CEP is based at the Floyd I. Marchus School in Concord and extends through satellite classes for high school students at Monte Vista High School and Del Amigo High School in San Ramon. These satellite classes give students the opportunity to gradually return to the general education mainstream at an appropriate level and pace.

The intent of the CEP is to help students address their educational and personal issues, change their behavior, and transition to a less restrictive educational setting when appropriate. Accordingly, the CEP teaches academic, social, and conflict resolution skills that emphasize academic achievement and promote healthy emotional development. Additionally, the CEP uses a variety of behavior management techniques with students to help them overcome inappropriate behaviors which may inhibit their return to a district school campus. Students are recommended for placement in the satellite classes when their behavior is appropriate for a district school campus.

Staff members work within a collaborative model to help each student meet the social, emotional, academic, and behavioral goals that are prescribed in the student's Individual Education Program (IEP). Each student has an assigned counselor who serves as the student case manager and acts as the educational liaison for student services. Psychological assessment and Related Services (RS) are available through appropriate referral and assessment. These pupil services are included in the overall cost of the program.

The academic curriculum is standards based and CEP teachers and staff provide a program that prepares students to be successful upon returning to their district school. All students have access to state adopted curriculum materials in all of the core content areas. Furthermore, all students in grades 2-11 are expected to participate in the state mandated STAR testing process and seniors are expected to pass the CASHEE in order to obtain their diploma. For interested secondary level students, two ROP vocational training programs are based at the Marchus campus and available for enrollment.

The staff/student classroom ratio approximates a 5:1 ratio, with one teacher and instructional assistant per class. Typical target class size is ten with a minimum class size of six students and a maximum of ten. There are a total of 180 student instructional days within the traditional late August/early September start date and June ending month. Also available is an additional 20 days of extended school year but the summer session usually only runs at Marchus School and not in the satellite classes. The Marchus School bell schedule starts at 8:30 and concludes at 2:00. In large part, satellite classes follow their district site calendars and bell times.

The CEP relies on the support and participation of each student's family as well as numerous related agencies. The school staff communicates frequently with families and encourages them to connect with and fully utilize community support services. A rich level of support staff includes school social workers, psychologists, a speech therapist, nurse, occupational therapist, and adapted physical education teacher. The counseling component of the program is identified as school based counseling, primarily delivered within a group format and structure, with an emphasis on the development of social relationship skills that will foster student success in the general education environment.

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Photo of Floyd MarchusMarchus School History

The Marchus School site and facility was dedicated in May of 1985 in honor of former county Superintendent of Schools, Floyd I. Marchus. Floyd Marchus had a long career with the County Office of Education, serving as Superintendent for 21 years and as Director of Research for ten years prior. He was also a former executive officer of the County Board of Education.



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Special Education Contacts:
Director, Student Programs 925.942.3376
Administrative Assistant 925.942.3376
Floyd I Marchus School
Principal David Fendel 925.602.3421
School Administrative Assistant Christie Underwood 925.602.3421

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