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Credentials Contacts:
Credentials Analyst 925.942.3302
HR Technician 925.942.3371
FAX, Human Resources   925.942.3482

Becoming a Credentialed Teacher in California

Teachers must be certified by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) in order to be employed by a California public school. Once an individual completes all requirements for certification in California, he or she may apply for an receive a California teaching credential.

Multiple Subject Credential: Elementary School

In California, the appropriate credential to teach in an elementary school setting is the Multiple Subject Teaching Credential. This credential authorizes public school teaching in a self-contained classroom in preschool, kindergarten, grades 1 through 12, and classes organized primarily for adults. A self-contained classroom is most often found at the elementary school level.

Single Subject Credential: Middle/High School

The appropriate credential to teach a single subject in a departmentalized classroom, such as Math or English at the middle school or high school level, is the Single Subject Teaching Credential. This credential authorizes public school teaching in a departmentalized classroom in preschool, kindergarten, grades 1 through 12, and classes organized primarily for adults.

How to Renew Permits and Credentials

Substitute permits, some child development permits, and all  professional clear and clear credentials must be renewed online through the CTC website at:
In the event that  the Commission's website won't allow you to renew online, you will need to obtain and process the renewal form (41-REN) through Human Resources in the district where you work.. The renewal fee is currently $55 payable only to CTC.

Substitute Teacher Requirements

The minimum requirements for substitute teaching assignments are a Bachelor Degree and passage of the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST). If you meet these requirements, you may apply for an Emergency 30-Day Substitute Permit. The substitute permit is valid for one year and will allow you to substitute teach on a day-to-day basis for up to 30 days in the same classroom. 20 days in a Special Education classroom.
More information can be found on the CCTC Web Site at

Adult Education Credentials(Designated Subject Credentials)

Designated Subjects Credentials authorize teaching or service in technical, trade, or vocational courses or in courses organized primarily for adults. The requirements generally include experience in the subject. View a downloadable list of approved designated subjects credential programs here (PDF)

More information can also be found on the CCTC Web Site at

CBEST/Basic Skills Requirement (BSR)

The California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) is administered by the National Evaluation Systems (NES). The exam consists of basic reading, writing and math skills. Information and registration for the CBEST exam are available online at You may also contact NES by phone at 916-928-4001. The test is given approximately every other month. Teaching or Service Credentials require passage of CBEST, CSET: Multiple Subject Plus the Writing Examination or other approved BSR exams before an application will be accepted if you are California trained.

Exams including Subject Matter Competence

Subject Matter Competence - The subject area listed on the out-of-state credential authorization must correspond to a California subject area in order for the Commission to issue a credential. If the subject(s) listed on the out-of-state credential are other than "elementary teaching" or "self-contained teaching", a preliminary credential will be issued but the applicant will be required to meet California subject matter requirements before the clear credential may be issued. For greater detail about subject matter competence, refer to CTC leaflet CL-674M (multiple subject) or CL-674S (single subject)

Fingerprinting Requirements (Livescanning)

Before beginning paid service, California public school employees must be fingerprinted and a criminal background clearance must be received by the employing school district. Electronic fingerprinting (Livescan) results normally take one to two weeks after the Department of Justice receives the fingerprints. Criminal background check results can take up to four weeks.

Livescan services are available at the Contra Costa County Office of Education by appointment only. Please phone 925.942.3387 for an appointment.

Individuals who have been convicted of serious and/or violent crimes are precluded from being hired by California public school districts. Individuals who are awaiting trial for serious and/or violent crimes are also precluded from rendering service in California public schools until the matter has been legally concluded.

More information about fingerprinting can be found on our Credentials Frequently Asked Questions page.

United States Constitution Examination

The United States Constitution Examination, given by the Contra Costa County Office of Education, meets the Constitution requirement for the Single Subject, Multiple Subjects, Vocational and Adult Education credentials. Advance registration is required by calling 925.942.3384.

The exam is composed of 75 true and false questions and takes approximately one hour to complete. Results of the exam will be mailed directly to the candidate from UCLA Education Extension, approximately two weeks after the exam.

The recommended study guide is “Twenty-five Lessons in Citizenship” by D.L. Hennessey. This book is available in bookstores or at your local library. It is also available for sale on the Internet at

WHEN: Third Thursday of each month (January – November)
Second Thursday in December

: 3:30 p.m.

COST: There are two separate fees payable at the test site:

  • $60 payable to UC Regents (check only)
  • $10 payable to CCCOE (check only)

WHERE: Contra Costa County Office of Education
Human Resources Department
77 Santa Barbara Road
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

PHONE: 925.942.3384 to register

Fee Information

The application processing fee for substitute permits, child development permits and teaching credentials is $70. There is a $15 processing fee if you are a non-CCCOE employee. This fee must be submitted in the form of a money order or cashier’s check. The $70 fee is made payable to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) and $15 fee is made payable to CCCOE. No personal checks will be accepted.

Application Fees (effective July 1, 2012)

Certificate of Clearance $35.00
All Permits and Credentials $70.00
Online Renewal $72.00
Other Fees  
Renewal of All Permits and Credentials $35.00
Certificate of Eligibility
Exchange of LDS/BCC $35.00
Request for Duplicate (form cl-566) $35.00
Request for Name Change $35.00
Request for Restriction Change $35.00
Credentials Contacts:
HR Technician 925.942.3371
FAX, Human Resources   925.942.3482

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