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County Superintendent
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Executive Assistant to
the Superintendent

Executive Assistant to
the Board and Superintendent

Chief Communications Officer

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County Superintendent Dr. Joseph A Ovick speaking at a Special Olympics event


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County Superintendent of Schools, Joseph A. Ovick, Ed.D.

The County Office of Education is an essential part of Contra Costa's outstanding public school system. Overall, our county's students rank high on virtually every measure of achievement - from test scores to college entrance

Our job in the County Office is to support the success of Contra Costa's 18 school districts, their schools, and their 168,000+ students.

We provide exactly the support that's needed by operating like a business. Our customers in school districts can choose whether to use – or not use – most County Office services. Superintendents and other district staff tell us they do choose our services and are highly satisfied with them because we:

  • Provide quality countywide programs for children with special needs
  • Save school districts money
  • Help districts do a better job
  • Support districts in meeting state and federal mandates

By working effectively and efficiently with Contra Costa's school districts, the County Office of Education strengthens our entire education system while saving dollars – dollars that can then be used in local classrooms.

County Superintendent of Schools Dr. Joseph A. Ovick administers all County Office of Education programs and facilitates cooperation among schools, colleges, universities, government and community organizations. He is responsible for monitoring and approving all school district budgets. In addition, he serves as an advocate for education with the legislature and the public.


Dr. Joseph Ovick


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An Initiative Championed by the Contra Costa
County Office of Education

Civility is a core value of a well functioning community and one of its defining components. Quality of life depends in great part on how community members treat each other. This initiative will promote the importance of civility in a world becoming less civil, and encourage community members to choose positive and respectful behaviors in their personal and work lives.

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County Superintendent of Schools Dr. Joseph Ovick
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Superintendent's Office Contacts:
Superintendent-elect Karen Sakata 925.942.3433
Executive Assistant to the Superintendent Renai Lovely 925.942.3433
Executive Assistant to the Board and Superintendent Loreen Joseph 925.942.3380
FAX, Superintendent   925.472.0875
Chief Communications Officer Terry Koehne 925.942.3420


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