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Districts and Schools

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Information Resources for Contra Costa County Public Schools

Families moving to new locations in Contra Costa County often ask for information about local schools to help them decide where to live. Here are responses to some frequently asked questions:

How can I get information about Contra Costa County schools?

The County Office of Education provides:

  • Fingertip Facts” on Contra Costa County schools
  • A wall map detailing the districts. Go to our order form or e-mail Communications to request one.
  • A directory listing phone numbers, addresses, enrollment figures, and administrators' names for all schools and districts ($10, also available online for free)
  • District and school scores on statewide STAR tests (Standardized Testing and Reporting), Scholastic Achievement Tests (SATs), and Advanced Placement (AP) tests
  • School calendars
  • Other statistical data such as enrollment by district and rates of enrollment in college preparatory courses

Which school should my son/daughter attend?

Most students in Contra Costa County are assigned to schools near their homes. Call school district offices to find out which school corresponds to your address. You can also ask about opportunities that may exist to send students to schools outside their area of residence.

How can I find out more about public schools in a particular area?

  • School Accountability Report Cards - Ask any school for its state required Accountability Report Card, which will give you information about student achievement, special programs, opportunities for parent involvement, student/teacher ratios, and many other factors.
  • School Visits - Call and ask if you can speak with principals and visit schools that interest you.
  • Parent Interviews - Ask schools how to contact their parent group presidents; call and ask them for information/opinions about the school.
  • Visit the
  • Call the school districts to find out which school your child should attend. Our online directory lists all districts and their contact information.

What should I look for in a school?

Questions to Ask:

  • What are some recent accomplishments of the school?
  • What are the school's attendance rates?
  • What tools are used to measure student achievement?
  • Does the school provide extracurricular activities to enhance student learning?
  • Are programs of special interest to my child (e.g. sports, music, drama) offered?
  • What programs or opportunities are available for new students to become acquainted with the school, other students and staff?
  • How does the school communicate with and involve parents?
  • Is the school on a "modified" or year round calendar?
  • What is the school's current curriculum and philosophy?
  • What are the backgrounds and qualifications of school staff?
  • Is homework regularly assigned and checked?

Observations to Make on Visits:

  • Do you and your child feel welcome in the school?
  • How do adults interact with students?
  • Do students seem to be well supervised?
  • How much instruction do you see going on?
  • Is the media center/library well-stocked and well-used?
  • Are classrooms pleasant and well maintained?
  • Are computers and other technologies used as instructional tools?

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