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Contra Costa County Office of Education
77 Santa Barbara Rd.
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

(925) 942-3388

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


County Office of Education:



Q: Where do I find information about schools in Contra Costa County?

A: For specific information about a particular school, or to find out which school your child should attend, you will want to contact the school district in which you live. A list of school districts in Contra Costa County is available. A list of school district phone numbers is available in our online directory. If you do not know which district you live in, you can also search our online directory by city.

Additional information can also be found in our FAQs for new residents.


Q: Where do I find information about school ratings and test scores?

A: Take a look at our Resources for Parents page for a list of links with information about local school ratings and test scores.

You may also request a School Accountability Report Card (SARC) directly from a school.


Q: Can my child transfer to another school district?

A: You must submit a request to both school districts, the one you want to leave and the one you want to attend. Both must agree before a request is granted. If either district refuses the request, an appeal can be made to the County Board of Education.

Our Student Programs & Services Division handles all interdistrict transfer appeals.


Q: When does school start/end? Where can I get a calendar?

A: We have countywide district calendars online. Schedules vary from district to district. You can also call your school district to find out this information.


Q: I have a complaint about a school or teacher. Who should I speak with?

A: All complaints must go through the school district, please contact them with specific problems with a school, teacher, principal, etc. For a list of school districts, look at our online public schools directory.


Q: How can I appeal my son/daughter's expulsion from school?

A: Information about expulsion appeals can be obtained from our Student Programs & Services Division.


A: How can I get more involved in my child's education/school?

A: Contact your school's Parent/Teacher Association (PTA). The California State PTA may also be helpful. Another great resource is

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Q: Where do I find information about private schools?

A: In the Fall of 2002, the California Department of Education began using an online process for filing Private School Affidavits at: For more information, please call 916.445.7331. We can also offer options for parents who want to provide a setting other than a public school classroom for their students.


Q: Where can I find information about preschools and other child care options?

A: Contact the Contra Costa Child Care Council for information about preschools and child care options.

Main Office: 925.676.5437
East County: 925.778.5437
Central County: 925.676.5437
West County: 510.758.5439

County Office of Education:

Q: What exactly does the County Office of Education do?

A: The County Office supports Contra Costa County's 18 school districts by offering a variety of programs and services. Our Services page lists our divisions and gives a short description of what they do.

Q: How do I order one of your Public Schools Directories?

A: New editions of our Public Schools Directory are available beginning in January for $10. You can e-mail the Communications Office to request an order form or send your request with a check for $10 to: CCCOE, Attn.: Communications, 77 Santa Barbara Road, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523.

Our online directory is free and frequently updated.

Q: I'd like to attend a Board of Education meeting. Where do I find a schedule of meetings?

A: You can find a schedule of meetings of the County Board of Education as well as the minutes from past meetings on the Board of Education page. Please contact the districts directly or check their Web sites to find out about district Board meetings.


Q: How do I find out about job/teaching opportunities in Contra Costa County?

A: Take a look at our Job Opportunities page or contact our Human Resources Division at 925.942.3387. You can also take a look at the Human Resources Frequently Asked Questions section.

Q: How do I find out about local education opportunities and events?

A: Our monthly “Dateline” publication lists education opportunities, events and other resources for teachers.

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