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150 years of service


1850 California becomes a state; Contra Costa County established

L.H. Hastings appointed first County Superintendent of Common Schools under Common Schools Act; first school in Contra Costa County established in Martinez

1863 John Swett becomes California Superintendent of Public Instruction
1866 Revised School Law establishes "free common schools in every rural district in the state" and the first County "Board of Examination," is formed, composed of the Superintendent and three teachers
1867 First grammar school in Walnut Creek built
1869 Rail service connects the Eastern U.S. to California; travel across the country decreases from six months to six days
1888 First high school established in Martinez
1895 John Swett moves to Martinez, becomes member of Contra Costa County Board of Education
1904 County Superintendent of Schools A.A. Bailey formally complains about the hardships of managing rapidly expanding county schools; calls for larger staff of deputies, attendance officers and supervisors
1906 Great San Francisco earthquake and fire
1919 Compulsory Education Law provides smaller school districts with principals and administrative services
1924 First county middle school build: Roosevelt in Richmond
1932 Superintendent B.O. Wilson establishes the County Department of Education
1937 Caldecott Tunnel opens; population boom in Contra Costa County
1947 State Legislature creates County School Service Fund, which more than doubles county funding, paving the way for more instructional materials, curriculum specialists and specialized services
1956 California Legislature creates seven-member County Board of Education
1962 California becomes the most populous state in the nation
1968 Model state and national Special Education development centers and programs established
1970 Turner East County Regional Programs established
1973 ROP begins in Contra Costa County
1975 Individuals with Disabilities Act passes, requiring accessible education for students with disabilities
1977 The personal computer emerges on the market
1980 Community Schools established (renamed Golden Gate Community School in 1997)
1981 COE splits from County affiliation
1984 Valley School expanded and renamed Mauzy Special Center
1985 Marchus School opens
1986 Liberty Transition Program starts in Brentwood
1987 County Office of Education building opens
1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake shakes the Bay Area
1991 California Department of Corrections (CDC) enters interagency agreement with CCCOE to implement services for parolees
1992 Board of Education changed to five members
1994 O'Hara Park School opens in Oakley; Byron Boys Ranch renamed Orin Allen Youth Rehabilitation Facility
1996 CCCOE Building renamed Ronald L. Stewart Building
2001 September 11 terrorist attacks shock the world
2002 CCCOE celebrates 150 years of service

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