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Business and Administrative Services

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The Business and Administrative Services Department coordinates the services provided by District Business Services, Fiscal Services, Accounting Services and General Services. Under the direction of the Associate Superintendent, the department assists in the development and implementation of policies and provides administrative support to the County Committee on School District Organization.

Business and Administrative Services coordinates the following services:

District Business Services: Provides financial advisory services to the 18 school districts in Contra Costa County and to the Fiscal Services Department within the County Office of Education. District Business Services is also the regional coordinator for Medi-Cal Administrative Activities (MAA) reimbursement.

District Payroll Services: Provides service, support and assistance in the area of payroll and retirement reporting to 18 school districts, nine charter schools and the community college of Contra Costa County. In addition, this department processes over 150,000 warrants and over 15,000 W-2s annually for 16 school districts.

Accounting Support Services: Provides payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, ADA reporting and conference and travel reimbursements for the County Office of Education.

Fiscal Services: Provides all budget and accounting services for the County Office of Education.

Medi-Cal Reimbursement Programs: Provides support for both the LEA Billing and MAA programs.  These reimbursement programs can support your continued efforts in providing effective and quality health programs for students.

General Services: Provides facilities planning, construction management, maintenance and operations and purchasing services for the County Office of Education.

Board Policies: Provides Board policies, regulations and bylaws.


Administrative Services Contacts:
Associate Superintendent 925.942.3418
Executive Assistant to the Associate Superintendent 925.942.3418
Senior Manager, Budget and Accounting 925.942.3458
Senior Manager, District Business Services 925.942.3411
Manager, Accounting Support Services 925.942.3424
Manager, Business/Charter Services 925.942.3321
Director, General Services 925.942.3333
FAX, Administration Services   925.945.1458

The Contra Costa County Office of Education and 15 school districts utilize the Tyler- Munis financial system

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