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Business and Administrative Services

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District Business Services

District Business Services provides financial advisory services to the eighteen school districts in Contra Costa County and to the Fiscal Services Department within the County Office of Education. Our mission is to provide continuous, efficient and effective support and training to all districts in the areas of finance.

Our areas of responsibility include:

  • AB1200 Oversight – review and monitor financial and budgetary activities (including annual budget, interim reports and unaudited actuals) of all districts
  • Preparation and publication of annual countywide financial report
  • Assistance in interpretation of legislation and regulations relevant to school business
  • Commercial warrant auditing
  • State apportionment distribution
  • Revenue limit calculations
  • Fund, account and cash reconciliations
  • Interest distribution
  • Assistance with installation and use of state financial software
  • Preparation and maintenance of forms and procedures
  • Preparation of deposits and journals
  • Electronic banking services



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SAC's Reporting Bulletins

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District Business Services Staff
Senior Manager, District Business Services 925.942.3411
District Advisor 925.942.3474
District Advisor 925.942.3316
District Advisor 925.942.3495
Fiscal Accounts Payable Audit Technician 925.942.3328
Fiscal Services Technician, Districts 925.942.3449
Fiscal Services Technician, Districts 925.942.3486
Fiscal Services Technician, Districts 925.942.3493
FAX, DBS   925.944.1698

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