Digital Citizenship

CCCOE Digital Citizenship Week
October 14 – 18, 2019


Digital Citizenship Week Lessons

Choose at least one activity to complete your Digital Citizenship Week lesson!

Lesson 1 - Brainpop Video and Quiz

Watch this short BrainPop Video about Digital Etiquette and have students either take a quiz individually or as a class.

Lesson 2 - Safety in My Online Neighborhood- Grades K-2

Lesson 3 - That's Private - Grades 2-4

Staying safe online is a lot like staying safe in the real world. By helping a Digital Citizen sign up for a new app, students learn about the kinds of information they should keep to themselves when they use the internet -- just as they would with a stranger in person.

Lesson 4 - My Media Choices - Grades 4-5

We all make choices every day about the media we consume and create. But do kids understand what makes a media choice healthy or not? Hint: It's about more than just screen time. Use the activities in this lesson to give kids a framework for making informed media choices.

Lesson 5 - Digital Drama Unplugged - Grades 6-8

For kids, miscommunication is a common occurence online and on social media. Plus, being behind a screen makes it easier to say things they wouldn't say in person. So how do we help kids avoid the pitfalls of digital drama? Help them learn tips on avoiding online drama in the first place and de-escalating drama when it happens.

Lesson 6 - Curated Lives - Grades 9-12

Social media gives us a chance to choose how we present ourselves to the world. We can snap and share a pic in the moment or carefully stage photos and select only the ones we think are best. When students reflect on these choices, they can better understand the self they are presenting and the self they aim to be.

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