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Best Practices Links for Integrating Technology into Curriculum

Director, Mac Carey

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Best Practices Links for Integrating Technology into Curriculum

  • Best Practices in Technology Integration - The Pennsylvania Department of Education was awarded  a Teacher Quality Enhancement Grant. This Grant allowed several Intermediate Units to offer an Integrating Technology into Core Curriculum Skills course to teachers. 

  • Best Instructional Practices by Primary Source Learning - Best Instructional Practices are effective teaching methods that guide classroom interactions that are supported by research on improving student achievement. Best Instructional Practices are the vehicles used by teachers to move students forward in their learning. These vehicles are explicit in the teacher actions in the classroom.

  • Best Practices of Technology Integration by Berrien County Intermediate School District - The lesson plans that you will find here have been written by practicing teachers and have been "kid tested" to work in the classroom. We hope you find these lessons helpful. They are examples of how technology can be used as a valuable tool in your classroom.

  • Best Practices of Technology Integration by Comsewogue School District - Comsewogue elementary and secondary teachers explored ways to integrate visual learning and thinking skills into their curriculum areas.  After becoming comfortable with Inspiration and/or Kidspiration, they created lessons and concept maps for their classes.  These lessons are showcased to be used as a resource for educators.

  • Best Practices in Technology Integration by Mt. Juliet High School - The nine lessons represent the work of Mt. Juliet High School faculty members whose technology-rich lessons were chosen as a "Best Practice" for Round Two of the TLCF 2001 Grant.  You will find outstanding examples of successful teaching-learning projects and strategies that show classrooms are places of active learning where students are moving toward greater achievement and performance

  • Best Practices: Pieces of the Puzzle - The Best Practice site presents 8 pieces of the puzzle that together enable the creation of a differentiated classroom. Each piece contains best practices/instructional approaches that encourage the development of active, engaged, student-centered classrooms. Over 25 best practices are highlighted!


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Take a look at the Technology Systems page for more information on the
County Office's technology services.


Technology Contacts:
Chief Technology Officer 925.942.3412
Professional Development Specialist, CTAG 925.942.3441
Professional Development Specialist, CTAG 925.942.3452
Instructional Technology Specialist 925.942.3435

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