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CTAG - Grant History

Chief Technology Officer, Mac Carey

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A partnership between the Dean and Margaret Lesher Foundation and
the Contra Costa Couty Office of Education

The County Technology Academy Grant program began in 1997. The Contra Costa County Office of Education partnered with the Dean and Margaret Lesher Foundation to provide technology grants to teachers throughout Contra Costa County. The goal of CTAG has always been to integrate technology into the classroom. The CTAG grant originally provided $7,500 to teacher pairs. The awarded schools also had to match the $7,500 100% with local funds. Awarded teams attended technology staff development classes and worked together to integrate technology into their curricula.

In 2000, a new type of CTAG grant was created. This grant is called the CTAG Disseminator grant. This grant was designed for teams who already had an existing successful project that integrated technology into the curriculum. Teams worked to create a website to disseminate the project to other teachers. These teams attended professional development designed to help them develop websites to be used with students and as a resource for other teachers.

In 2004 a new type of CTAG Grant was developed called the Principal’s Grant. It is known by that name because the Principal of the winning site must be a member of the CTAG Team. This grant was designed to provide professional development for teachers using technology in their classrooms. In fact, the Principal’s Grant requires that 50% of the grant funding MUST be spent on training the targeted staff to integrate technology. This grant is offered in the spring whereas the regular Teacher Pair Grant is offered in the fall.

As technology changes and improves, so do the CTAG grants. In 2007 the Principal Grant was changed to better reflect what the schools needs were. It is now the Professional Development Grant. This grant is offered in the spring to allow time for the team to develop a professional development plan and perhaps begin training staff prior to the beginning of the new school year. The required matching funds for the Teacher Pair Grant has been reduced to 25% of the grant award due to budget cuts faced by many schools. CTAG teams continue to integrate technology into the curriculum but are now required to provide us with lessons, videos or other artifacs so that their grant activities may be shared with a larger audience and encourage other teachers to communicate with the winning teams and replicate or incorporate these strategies and tools into their classrooms.

Today, the goals of CTAG remain the same, although a few changes continue to be made. In 2008 a new type of grant was made available to teachers in Contra Costa County: The Interactive Community News Grant. This is a smaller, project based grant that provides schools with $2500 worth of technology tools. This grant is based on the Newsday project from the GlobalSchoolNet Foundation. Students from participating classes will get to know the other participating schools by creating clues to answer the question "Where in Contra Costa are We". Schools in grade level teams will research local history and post their answer locating the other schools in their team. Then all sites will learn about news writing, editing, layout design and publishing. All sites will research and write articles about current local, national, and global news and post them to the web. Participating schools will download and select the articles they want to include in their own newspaper, publish them and share them on the web and in print with participating schools.

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Take a look at the Technology Systems page for more information on the
County Office's technology services.


Technology Contacts:
Chief Technology Officer 925.942.3412
Professional Development Specialist, CTAG 925.942.3441
Professional Development Specialist, CTAG 925.942.3452
Instructional Technology Specialist 925.942.3435

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