Initial Program Preconditions

Program Response to the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential Initial Program Preconditions Submission Response Contra Costa County Office of Education
The following two preconditions apply only when an institution submits an initial program proposal. The two preconditions must be submitted along with the appropriate preconditions for the type of educator preparation program being proposed.
Precondition Required Documentation Evidence
Precondition 1: Demonstration of Need
To be granted initial program accreditation by the Committee on Accreditation, the program proposal must include a demonstration of the need for the program in the region in which it will operate. Such a demonstration must include, but need not be limited to, assurance by a sample of school administrators that one or more school districts will, during the foreseeable future, hire or assign additional personnel to serve in the credential category. Contra Costa County Office of Education supports 18 school districts in the Bay Area of California, as well as the Community College District in Contra Costa County. Many of the districts supported by CCCOE are quite large, such as the West Contra County School District with 71 schools, San Ramon Valley Unified School District (36 schools), and Mt. Diablo Unified School District (53 schools). With 292 schools to serve, even more educational administrators are needed when considering principals, assistant principals, and district leadership which includes directors, superintendents, etc. Each year these 18 districts search to hire educational leaders to take the place of administrators who retire, are promoted, or leave for a variety of reasons. CCCOE's Human Resources Credential Analyst keeps data on the number of administrators hired each year throughout Contra Costa County. During the past three years, over 159 school administrators were hired to serve our school districts, based on data provided by school districts to our Credential Analyst. Additionally, our PASC Program District Survey data shows that during the next three years, school districts within Contra Costa County anticipate hiring from 1 to 20 administrators, based on district size. This data demonstrates the great ongoing need for a program that would prepare school administrators for these openings and validates the need for a program which supports working candidates, is tailored to the diverse needs of our county, and works collaboratively with district leadership. We believe the CCCOE PASC program is much needed and will prepare leaders to immediately serve the students within our county. CCCOE Education Facts and Statistics showing CCCOE District Information

CCCOE PASC Program District Survey

CCCOE PASC Program Administrator Hire Survey Results
Precondition 2: Practitioners’ Participation in Program Design.
To be granted initial program accreditation by the Committee on Accreditation, the program proposal must include verification that practitioners in the credential category have participated actively in the design and development of the program’s philosophical orientation, educational goals, and content emphases. CCCOE PASC's program development involved a variety of stakeholders who provided input and feedback to ensure the design of a program that will meet the diverse needs of our county's students. A number of leadership coaches from the CCCOE's Administrative Leadership Program participated in focus groups to gather ideas around program philosophy, professional resources, and other program components. Input was gathered from the CCCOE's Curriculum Council, a team of district leaders across the county, as well as the Administrative Leadership Program's Coach Collaborative. Additionally, efforts for program development were led by the CCCOE Educational Services Department, as well the CCCOE's Superintendent's Cabinet. Focus Group Agenda

Focus Group Evidence - Poster #1

Focus Group Evidence - Poster #2

Focus Group Evidence - Poster #3

Focus Group Evidence - Poster #4

Curriculum Council Agenda

Administrative Leadership Program Agenda

CCCOE Educational Services Agenda

List of Participants Providing Input and Involvement in Progr
am Development
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