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A Road Map to Kindergarten©

A Road Map to Kindergarten Game Board

presented by
the Contra Costa County Office of Education
and the Contra Costa Local Planning and Advisory Council for Early Care and Education (LPC)

A simple, colorful and engaging parent guide with 16 important steps all parents need to know
when preparing their children for kindergarten.

A Road Map to Kindergarten© Seminar:

This seminar introduces participants to an attractive and easy to follow guide called
A Road Map to Kindergarten©. The tool provides 16 important steps for parents to follow to prepare their child for a smooth start in school.

If you would like to attend a future seminar, please contact
Melody Yee (925) 942-5313


A Road Map to Kindergarten - Pathway to School Success Steps

A Road Map to Kindergarten© was designed to promote meaningful conversations between parents, educators, and community members about the importance of planning for and facilitating children's smooth transitions into kindergarten.

This publication was developed as a component of the Contra Costa Local Planning Council for Child Care and Development's (LPC) Parent Education Campaign, and it strives to:

  • Provide a guide for parents to help promote successful kindergarten transitions for their children
  • Increase parents'knowledge of early childhood developmental milestones and school readiness indicators
  • Empower and inspire families to become active partners in education

A Road Map to Kindergarten Cover PagePhoto of Child with Grandmother PlayingOur vision is to generate enthusiasm and a sense of collective responsibility for education and to increase the awareness of the importance of family partnerships and parent involvement in promoting children's school readiness.

A Road Map to Kindergarten© is a parent education tool that is designed to be used interactively to enhance parent workshops, parent-teacher conferences or to be the focus of parent education events. It is not meant to be handed out or distributed without the accompanying active education component for parents.

The Contra Costa LPC has developed a training module for anyone who is interested in using A Road Map to Kindergarten© to help parents support their child's school readiness and transition to kindergarten. The training module is implemented in workshops that are run as facilitated discussions and that model the way in which A Road Map to Kindergarten© is intended to be presented to parents. The workshops are purposefully designed to invite conversation and to foster a sense of collaboration and partnership. Workshop participants review the components of A Road Map to Kindergarten© and develop their own action plans for how they will use it to help parents become active partners in their child's education.

Click here to download an outline of the training module.

A Road Map to Kindergarten© is available in English and Spanish. To order copies of the tool please download the order form by clicking here.


For more information or to schedule a training seminar in your community contact:

CALSPRA 2012 awardSusan Jeong
Manager, Educational Services / LPC Coordinator
(925) 942-3413


The Road Map to Kindergarten© was developed with funding from the Child Development Division of the California Department of Education (CDE). The contents do not necessarily reflect the position or policy of the CDE.

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