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Parent Information

Our Parent Resources

California Career Center

The California Career Center (CalCC) is a career planning website with tools to help you map a student's future, whether looking ahead to college, apprenticeship, the military or other options.

A comprehensive, up-to-date database of local health and social services is the backbone of 211. Call specialists use the database to refer callers to resources. Individuals can access the database, too, free of charge. Just select from the menu options at left. Special guides for targeted populations are updated regularly and can be downloaded in English and Spanish.

32nd District PTA

The 32nd PTA District is comprised of more than 40,000 Contra Costa County parents, teachers and students and is divided into 6 regional Councils.

Academic Events

picture of academic decathlon awards ceremonyThe Contra Costa County Office of Education offers a series of events throughout the school year. The events are designed to give students the opportunity to hone and showcase their academic excellence through spirited competition.


A Road Map to Kindergarten©

A Road Map to Kindergarten© is a component of a public parent education campaign.

The parent education campaign strives to:

  • Provide a guide for successful Kindergarten transitions for parents of children ages 0-5
  • Increase the knowledge of early childhood developmental milestones and school readiness indicators
  • Promote partnerships and collaboration of family supports and educational services
  • Empower families to become active partners in education


CalEdFacts is a compilation of statistics and information on a variety of issues concerning education in California.

California Children's Report Card – 2014

From – How kids are doing in our state and what needs to be done about it.


California Project Lead the Way

Project Lead the Way (PLTW) is a not-for-profit organization that promotes engineering, technology and biomedical science courses for middle school and high school students.

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California State Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

The mission of the California State PTA is to positively impact the lives of all children and families by representing our members and empowering and supporting them with skills in advocacy, leadership, and communication.

Contra Costa County STEAM

A leader in Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics Education for the Contra Costa County School Districts and the region by developing opportunities, providing resources and fostering communication among STEAM and Educational professionals that prepare all students to become successful members of a rapidly emerging technological world.

Community Schools

The Golden Gate Community School programs provide successful learning experiences for all students in an alternative education environment. Staff will assist students in reaching their academic and career goals by implementing teaching strategies and techniques which will enable students to succeed personally, socially, and educationally in society today.

Notices for parents

Crisis & Emergency Preparedness

Resources to provide you with easy access to pertinent emergency preparedness information and resources as they relate to schools throughout the county

Cyberbullying Resources

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Here's how it works: public school teachers from every corner of America post classroom project requests on Requests range from pencils for a poetry writing unit, to violins for a school recital, to microscope slides for a biology class.

Then, you can browse project requests and give any amount to the one that inspires you. Once a project reaches its funding goal, we deliver the materials to the school.

Expulsion Appeals

Expulsion is the most severe form of discipline which a local district may invoke. The County Board of Education is vested with the responsibility of serving as the final appeal body in such cases. The hearing of expulsion appeals is intended to safeguard the rights of the student(s) and the rights of the district.

Internet Safety

The internet offers a world of opportunities to socialize and communicate. But they come with risks.'s Net Cetera campaign provides information and resources about helping kids make safe, responsible decisions when they're online.

Pertussis (Whooping Cough)

California is experiencing an increase in the number of reported illnesses due to Pertussis. Contra Costa has not reported any deaths from whooping cough in 2010. Children younger than 6 months of age are the most vulnerable to serious illness if they develop Pertussis. The most effective prevention against Pertussis is vaccination. We encourage vaccinations for parents, caregivers, siblings and health care workers. This helps decrease the chances of a young infant being exposed to Pertussis. Symptoms of Pertussis begin with a cough and runny nose for 1–2 weeks followed by weeks of coughing fits. Fever is not usually seen. People with symptoms should see their health care provider for testing and diagnosis.

Pertussis (Whooping Cough) Information for Parents (English)

Pertussis (Whooping Cough) Information for Parents (Spanish)

Information Provided by the Contra Costa Health Services

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Private School & Home Schooling

Home schooling, a situation where non-credentialed parents teach their own children, exclusively at home, whether using a correspondence course or other curricula, is not authorized in California. There are three options available to parents who want to provide a setting other than a public school classroom...

Public Schools Information for Contra Costa County

Families moving to new locations in Contra Costa County often ask for information about local schools to help them decide where to live. Here are responses to some frequently asked questions.

ROP (Career Technical Education)

ROP is a career training program designed for high school juniors and seniors and adult learners. The goal of ROP is to help students learn about career opportunities and develop job skills.

School Accountability Report Card (SARC)

Since November 1988, state law has required all public schools receiving state funding to prepare and distribute a SARC. The purpose of the report card is to provide parents and the community with important information about each public school. A SARC can be an effective way for a school to report on its progress in achieving goals.

School Districts

Contra Costa County is comprised of 19 school districts and educates more than 174,000 students.

Special Education

picture of special education teacher and studentThe Contra Costa County Office of Education provides a full range of services designed to meet the needs of students with disabilities throughout the county, ranging in age from birth to age 22.



Youth Development Services (YDS)

YDS provides support to youth and families who face economic and/or academic barriers. This support includes Foster Youth Services, Homeless Education and more.

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