2023 Results

Championship - February 13, 2023

 Prosecution Defense Winner
 Campolindo California  California

Consolation - February 13, 2023

 Prosecution Defense Winner
 Acalanes De La Salle  Acalanes

Semifinals - February 9, 2023

 Prosecution Defense Winner
 De La Salle  California  California
 Campolindo Acalanes  Campolindo

Quarterfinals - February 7, 2023

 Prosecution Defense Winner
 California Monte Vista California
De La Salle Alhambra De La Salle
Acalanes Miramonte Acalanes
Deer Valley Campolindo Campolindo

ROUND 1 - January 24, 2023

 Prosecution Defense Winner
California Campolindo  California
Miramonte Alhambra  Alhambra
De La Salle Carondelet  De La Salle
Clayton Valley Dougherty Valley  Dougherty Valley
Deer Valley Alcalanes  Alcalanes
Las Lomas Richmond   Las Lomas
Monte Vista Hercules  Monte Vista
San Ramon Valley El Cerrito  San Ramon Valley
Heritage De Anza  Heritage

ROUND 2 - January 26, 2023

 Prosecution Defense Winners
El Cerrito California  California
Heritage Miramonte  Miramonte
De Anza De La Salle  De La Salle
Dougherty Valley San Ramon Valley  Dougherty Valley
Acalanes Monte Vista  Acalanes
Richmond  Deer Valley  Deer Valley
Campolindo Clayton Valley  Campolindo
Alhambra Las Lomas  Alhambra
Carondelet Hercules  Hercules

ROUND 3 - January 31, 2023

 Prosecution Defense Winners
 California Dougherty Valley  California
 Miramonte Acalanes  Miramonte
 De La Salle Deer Valley  Deer Valley
 Campolindo El Cerrito  Campolindo
 Carondelet Alhambra  Alhambra
 Hercules Las Lomas  Las Lomas
 Clayton Valley San Ramon Valley  San Ramon Valley
 De Anza Richmond  De Anza
Monte Vista Heritage  Monte Vista

ROUND 4 - February 2, 2023

 Prosecution Defense Winners
 San Ramon Valley California  California
Hercules Miramonte Miramonte
Las Lomas De La Salle De La Salle
Dougherty Valley Campolindo  Campolindo
Acalanes De Anza  Acalanes
Deer Valley Heritage  Deer Valley
Alhambra Monte Vista  Monte Vista
Richmond Carondelet  Richmond
El Cerrito Clayton Valley  El Cerrito

Seeding After Preliminary Rounds

 1 California 4-0 51.3547416
 2 Campolindo 3-1 52.4779101
3 Acalanes 3-1 51.83673469
 4 De La Salle 3-1 51.04521147
 5 Alhambra 3-1 50.93535401
 6 Miramonte 3-1 50.83278689
7 Deer Valley 3-1 50.1545044
8 Monte Vista 3-1 49.51456311
9 San Ramon Valley 2-2 51.435479
10 Dougherty Valley 2-2 50.428325
 11 Las Lomas 2-2 49.97310382
12 Hercules 1-3 49.28304239
13 Heritage 1-3 49.24561642
14 De Anza 1-3 48.35956255
15 Richmond 1-3 47.90123457
16  El Cerrito 1-3 46.78172302
17 Carondelet 0-4 48.6278286
18 Clayton Valley 0-4 46.08553329

Place Courtroom Journalists Courtroom Artists
1st  Rojan Haghnegahdar, California Brooke Etsey, Las Lomas
2nd  Casey Scheiner, Acalanes  Saide Poole, Acalanes
3rd  Shivani Phadnis, California  Ashley Mei, Hercules


Brooke Estey, Las Lomas High School (Acalanes Union High School District)

1st Place Courtroom Artist: Brooke Estey, Las Lomas High School (Acalanes Union High School District) 

1st Place Courtroom Journalist: Rojan Haghnegahdar, California High School (San Ramon Valley Unified School District)  Read Link to article: Cruise ship performer charged with grand larceny

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