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Expulsion Appeals

The County Board of Education recognizes that student discipline is primarily the prerogative of the local school district. Standards of behavior acceptable to the district and procedures to assure that the standards are observed are essential to an effective school climate. The County Board of Education also recognizes, however, that the right to due process and the right to a fair and just resolution of behavior issues are supported through the appeal process.

Expulsion is the most severe form of discipline which a local district may invoke. The County Board of Education is vested with the responsibility of serving as the final appeal body in such cases. The hearing of expulsion appeals is intended to safeguard the rights of the student(s) and the rights of the district.

Appeals must be filed with the Director of Student Programs and Services, within 30 days from the date the district board voted to expel the student. The County Board of Education will schedule an appeal hearing within 20 school days after the appeal has been accepted.

The County Board's review of the district's decision is limited to the following issues:

  1. Whether the district board acted outside of its jurisdiction;
  2. Whether there was a fair hearing before the district board;
  3. Whether there was a prejudicial abuse of discretion;
  4. Whether there is relevant and material evidence which, in the exercise of reasonable diligence, could not have been produced or which was improperly excluded at the hearing before the governing board.

Board Policy 5114 Suspensions and Expulsions (pdf)


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