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Manager, Youth Development Services

Administrative Assistant II

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YDS Overview

Youth Development Services (YDS) provides a broad range of coordinated services for youth who are in foster care or are homeless, who experience barriers and need support to finish school, find a job or pursue a career path. Our programs are designed to prepare students to become self-confident, self-sufficient and independent adults. YDS is a grant-funded department within the Contra Costa County Office of Education, Education Services, and receives funding from the California Department of Education, the Contra Costa County Workforce Investment Board, Contra Costa County Employment and Human Services, the Department of Rehabilitation, as well as other funding sources.

Current programs include:

In addition to directly supporting youth through our programs, our department also provides technical assistance and professional development to school district staff and administrators in the areas of foster youth services and homeless education.

We work in partnership with school districts, social services, community colleges, probation, juvenile court, and community organizations to support youth in our schools and community so that they can successfully access and navigate education, employment, and long term economic opportunity.


Youth Development Services Contacts
Manager, Youth Development Services 925.942.3308
Administrative Assistant II 925.942.3300
FAX   925.942.3490
Foster Youth Services Coordinating Program Contacts
FYSCP Coordinator 925.942.3308
Education Liaison 925.522.7563
Education Liaison 925.942.3463
FYSCP Administrative Assistant I 925.942.3417
Homeless Education Contacts
Contra Costa County
Homeless Education Liaison
Youth Development Services Supervisor 925.942.3322
WorkAbility I (Court & Community Schools) Contacts
Youth Development Services Specialist I 925.942.3391
Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)
Youth Development Services Supervisor 925.942.3322
Youth Development Services Specialist I 925.942.3363
Youth Development Services Specialist I 925.942.3313
Youth Development Services Specialist I 925.942.3309

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