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Comprehensive Communications Plan

Comprehensive Communications Plan

The Contra Costa Office of Education has a Comprehensive Communications Plan in place to help its employees communicate effectively with each other and with each type of customer we have–students, parents, the community, news media and elected officials. The plan also addresses emerging issues, ethics and responding to media requests. Click on the links below to view each of the components of the plan:

Or download a PDF of all the above materials.


Communications/Marketing Plan Template

Who are your customers? There are many questions that you need to ask yourself before major communication and public relations efforts are initiated. Each CCCOE department or program needs to determine relevant factors relating to the demography and opinions of the community and its various components. Clearly identify the department’s target markets and learn everything possible about them. What they perceive, what they value, what’s important to them and who they listen to -- then develop messages that fit each. The age of one-size-fits-all schools and communication is over. Research methods can be as simple as looking around and listening, reading a report, having a conversation, or as elaborate as conducting a survey or engaging a community in facilitated focus group sessions.

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Communications and Academic Events Contacts
Chief Communications Officer 925.942.3420
Administrative Assistant 925.942.3325
Communications Specialist/Graphic Design 925.942.3406
Communications Specialist/Teacher of the Year/Media Relations 925.942.3429
Electronic Communications Specialist/Internet 925.942.3330
FAX, Communications   925.942.3454

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