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The Contra Costa County Mock Trial Competition is held Tuesday and Thursday evenings during the month of February at the Superior Courthouse in Martinez.

Congratulations, California High School
2018 Mock Trial Winners

California High School 2018 Mock Trial winners

See all of the 2018 results here

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2011 Results | 2010 Results | 2009 Results | 2008 Results | 2007 Results

Mock Trial Overview

The Mock Trial Program is sponsored by the Constitutional Rights Foundation (CRF). Each year CRF creates a mock trial that addresses serious matters facing young people today.

Each team works with teacher and attorney coaches to prepare their version of the criminal case, both from the prosecution and defense perspective. Students assume the roles of trial attorneys, pretrial motion attorneys, witnesses, clerks, and bailiffs. Through these role-playing techniques, students learn about the content and processes of law in an exciting and vibrant way. Also, by studying the case and preparing strategies and arguments for trial, students increase their public speaking skills, analytical ability and team cooperation.

Some high schools offer the Mock Trial Program as a class rather than an extra-curricular activity.

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Art and Journalism Contests

artists sketch of witnessCourtroom Art Contest – Students may also participate as courtroom artists by participating in the Courtroom Art Contest, a companion program to Mock Trials. As courtroom artists, students accompany their Mock Trial teams and sketch courtroom scenes that are later judged by a team of art judges. Click here for artist rules and registration. The winner will represent Contra Costa County at the state finals.
:: Download artist rules and registration (pdf)

Courtroom Journalism Contest – Interested students will be given an opportunity to report on a Mock Trial from the perspective of a journalist. As courtroom reporters, students will accompany their school's Mock Trial teams to the preliminary rounds of the competition. Courtroom reporters will then write and submit one 500 word news article on the trial they attended. Articles will be judged by a panel of specialists. The winner will represent Contra Costa County at the state finals.
:: Download journalist rules and registration (pdf)

Mock Trial Competition History

In 1977, the Constitutional Rights Foundation (CRF) introduced the concept of mock trials to Los Angeles schools. In 1980, the program expanded to the state level. The California Mock Trial Program currently involves more than 35 counties and over 8,000 student participants from more than 400 teams.

Approximately 1,500 attorney volunteers serve as team coaches and scorers, and 500 Municipal, Superior and Appellate Court judges preside over the trials.

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Contra Costa County Mock Trial Winners
2017 Miramonte High School
2016 Miramonte High School
2015 California High School
2014 California High School
2013 Miramonte High School
2012 Miramonte High School
2011 California High School
2010 Miramonte High School
2009 Miramonte High School
2008 Miramonte High School
2007 Northgate High School
2006 Miramonte High School
2005 Miramonte High School
2004 Miramonte High School
2003 Miramonte High School
2002 Miramonte High School
2001 San Ramon Valley High School
2000 Monte Vista High School
1999 Acalanes High
1998 Acalanes High
1997 Monte Vista High
1996 California High
1995 Acalanes High
1994 Acalanes High
1993 California High
1992 Pittsburg High
1991 California High
1990 Acalanes High
1989 Acalanes High
1988 Acalanes High
1987 Clayton Valley High
1986 Acalanes High
1985 Clayton Valley High
1984 Acalanes High
1983 Kennedy High
1982 Kennedy High


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