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Communications Specialist

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2017-18 Mock Trial – Participants

mock trial




Acalanes High Joe Schottland School Coach
  Michael Carter Attorney Coach
  Harlan Grossman Attorney Coach
  Coley Fannin Attorney Coach
Alhambra High Frank Reichert School Coach
Dawn Polvorosa Attorney Coach
Carielle Spangenberg School Coach
California High Brian Barr School Coach
  Larry Lowe Attorney Coach
  Ken Mifsud Attorney Coach
Campolindo High Matt Bostick School Coach
  Dino Petrocco School Coach
Clayton Valley Charter Sayed Anwar School Coach
De Anza High Amy Resner Advisor
  Amy Dunning School Coach
  Hojoon Hwang Attorney Coach
Deer Valley Law Academy Brian Kofford School Coach
  Brian Sanders Attorney Coach
El Cerrito High Amy Resner Advisor
  Patrick Jimenez School Coach
  Kelly Woolfolk Attorney Coach
Hercules High Sameeta Satyanarayana School Coach
  Collin Coffey Attorney Coach
  Anna Lyons Attorney Coach
Heritage High Tyler Rust School Coach
Kennedy High Amy Resner Advisor
  Jamie Myrick School Coach
  Eugene Franklin Attorney Coach
  Suzanne Mellard Attorney Coach
  Dominique Pinkney Attorney Coach
  Ray Robinson Attorney Coach
Miramonte High Joel Compton School Coach
  Luke Ellis Attorney Coach
Monte Vista Chad Geernaert School Coach
Pinole Valley High Amy Resner Advisor
  Patricia Blades School Coach
  Adrianna Beach Attorney Coach
  Donna Brorby Attorney Coach
Richmond High Amy Resner Advisor
  Allen Mooney School Coach
  Ellen Rosenbluth School Coach
  Bill Locke Attorney Coach

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