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2012 Mock Trial Results

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Miramonte High 2012 Mock Trial first place winners

Miramonte High School
2012 Mock Trial Winners


California High School 2012 Mock Trial second place winners

California High School
Second Place


Northgate High School
Third Place
Hercules High School
Fourth Place


2012 Mock Trial Judges Choice winners

Judges' Choice Awards

Student School
Robbie Fluegge Miramonte
Angela Falk Acalanes
Bradley Rochlin Campolindo
Nick Dyess Northgate
Nick Fajardo California
Zainab Taymuree Heritage


Matchups Individual Winners
Preliminary Match-ups Art & Journalism Awards
Quarter Final Match-ups Judges' Choice Awards
Semi Final Match-ups
Consolation Finals  



Matchups - February 28, 2012
Prosecution Defense Winner
California Miramonte Miramonte


Consolation Finals

Matchups - February 28, 2012
Prosecution Defense Winner
Hercules Northgate Northgate


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Semi Finals

Matchups - February 23, 2012
Prosecution Defense Winner
Miramonte Northgate Miramonte
Hercules California California


Quarter Finals

Matchups - February 21, 2012
Prosecution Defense Winner
Dougherty Valley California California
Campolindo Miramonte Miramonte
Acalanes Northgate Northgate
Alhambra Hercules Hercules


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Preliminary Matchups

Round #4
Thursday, February 16, 2012
Prosecution Defense Winner
California Acalanes California
Dougherty Valley Monte Vista Dougherty
Deer Valley Las Lomas Las Lomas
Heritage Hercules Hercules
Clayton Valley Alhambra Alhambra
Miramonte Campolindo Miramonte
Richmond Kennedy Richmond
Antioch Northgate Northgate


Round #3
Wednesday, February 15, 2012
Prosecution Defense Winner
Northgate California California
Acalanes Dougherty Valley Acalanes
Las Lomas Monte Vista Las Lomas
Hercules Deer Valley Hercules
Clayton Valley Heritage Heritage
Alhambra Miramonte Miramonte
Campolindo Kennedy Campolindo
Richmond Antioch Antioch


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Round #2
Thursday, February 9, 2012
Prosecution Defense Winner
Kennedy Deer Valley Deer Valley
Northgate Hercules Northgate
Dougherty Valley Antioch Dougherty
California Richmond California
Monte Vista Miramonte Miramonte
Acalanes Clayton Valley Acalanes
Alhambra Las Lomas Alhambra
Campolindo Heritage Campolindo


Round #1
Tuesday, February 7, 2012
Prosecution Defense Winner
Heritage California California
Miramonte Dougherty Valley Miramonte
Kennedy Northgate Northgate
Monte Vista Clayton Valley Monte Vista
Las Lomas Acalanes Acalanes
Antioch Campolindo Campolindo
Hercules Richmond Hercules
Deer Valley Alhambra Alhambra


Art & Journalism Awards

Award Student School
Best Artist Michelle Meng Alhambra
Best Journalist Stephanie Peng California


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