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2018 Mock Trial – Volunteer Information

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Thank you for supporting our students!

The Mock Trial program provides students with the excitement of working in teams, exchanging ideas, setting goals, and examining issues while interacting with positive role models from their communities. The experience helps students gain confidence, become critical thinkers, and inspires many to explore the field of law after high school.

Signup Information for Attorneys

Signup Information for Judges

Signup Information for Law Students


For more information or if you would like to volunteer,
please contact Jonathan Lance at 925.942.3429
or send an e-mail to

On behalf of the Contra Costa County Office of Education and the participating high school students and coaches, thank you to all of our 2018 judges, attorneys and law students for generously contributing your time and expertise to the 37th Annual Contra Costa County High School Mock Trials. Your participation makes this event possible!

Hon. Steve Austin Hon. Jill Fannin Hon. Terri Mockler
Hon. Barry Baskin Hon. David Flinn Hon. Dan O'Malley
Hon. Terence Bruiniers Matthew Guichard Hon. Mary Ann O'Malley
Hon. Charles Burch Hon. Joni Hiramoto Hon. Wade Rhyne
Daniel Cabral Blair Hoffman Hon. Lowell Richards
Michael Chamberlain Hon. John Kennedy Hon. Anita Santos
Hon. Judith Craddick Hon. Leslie Landau Audrey Smith
Aaron DeFerrari Robin Lipetzky Dominique Yancey
Hon. Roger Efremsky Dirk Manoukian  
Attorney Judges/Scorers
Janice Amenta Penny Glover Ryan Morris
Bhupen Amin Alexander Golovets Ann Neumann
Phil Andersen Ella Gower Courtney O'Brien
Jane Anderson Dulcinea Grantham Alyse Pacheco
Anitha Anne Naomi Greenstone Jerome Pandell
Brian Baker Jason Habermeyer Lewis Pascalli, Jr.
Tamara Bartlett Cynthia Harris Mariana Pitts
Paula Bauer John Hentschel Noel Plummer
Douglas Borchert Lisa Hutton David Ratner
Xandy Buckner Alan Jang J.R. Richards
Kristen Busby Kyle Junginger Chris Sansoe
Greg Chiarella Kyle Kahan Jeremy Seymour
Sonja Dahl Carolyn Kahler Deidre Siguenza
David Depolo Dodie Katague Ed Sklar
Angela Dib Christy Kotowski Diann Sokoloff
Brian Duus Evan Kuluk Rob Sturm
Rob Ewing Kevin Lally Irene Takahashi
Scott Fink Alice Lustre Saron Tesfai
Jennifer Fiore Leonard Marquez Stephanie White
Mark Freeman Gene Miller Jon Wolff
Paul Gifford Jerrad Mills Zina Zaia
Ami Givon Karen Moghtader  
Meghan Glaspy Katie Moran  

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