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Job Descriptions

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Classified Positions

Classified Positions
(click on a position title to view the job description)
Accounting Assistant
Accounting Specialist I
Accounting Specialist II
Administrative Assistant I
Administrative Assistant II
Administrative Assistant III
Adult School Transition Specialist
Assistive Technology Specialist
Behavior Analyst
Behavioral Support Assistant
Communications Specialist
Computer Network Technician
Computer Technician
Court and Community Schools Transition/Assessment Specialist
Data Technician I
Data Technician II
Desktop Support Technician
District Advisor
Division Project Specialist
Early Care and Education Project Specialist
Education Liaison ECE
Education Liaison (McKinney Vento Services)
English Learner Curriculum Specialist, Region 4 CPIN
Facilities Operations Specialist
Facilities Project Specialist
Facilities Technician I
Facilities Technician I Delivery Driver
Facilities Technician II
Facilities Worker
Fiscal Accounts Payable Audit Technician, Districts
Fiscal Services Technician, Districts
Human Resources Assistant I
Human Resources Assistant II
Human Resources Technician
Instructional Assistant – Assistive Technology
Instructional Assistant Early Start Program
Instructional Assistant – Support Room
Lead Accounting and Payroll Specialist
Lead Custodian
Lead Payroll Audit Specialist
Lead Summer Youth Employment Specialist
Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN)
Maintenance and Operations Specialist
Maintenance Worker I
Maintenance Worker II
Medi-Cal Technician
Occupational Therapist
Office Assistant I
Office Assistant II
Office Assistant III
Payroll Audit Specialist, Districts
Payroll Audit Technician, Districts
Payroll Specialist
Payroll Technician
Printer Support Technician
Program Accountant
Purchasing Assistant I
Purchasing Assistant II
Purchasing Technician
Reentry Transition Specialist
ROP Bilingual Specialist
ROP Career Guidance Liaison
ROP Direct Professional Training (DSPT) Specialist
School Administrative Assistant
Staff Technology Trainer
Student Data Systems Specialist
Student Data Systems Specialist II
Student Information System Specialist
Student Information System Specialist II
System Support Representative I
System Support Representative II
Testing and Transcript Evaluator
Transportation Technician
VI Assistant
Warehouse Worker
Workability Employment Specialist II
Youth Development Services Specialist I
Youth Development Services Specialist II
Youth Development Services Specialist (TUPE)
Youth Development Services Specialist II (TUPE)

Instructional Assistant Positions

Management Confidential Positions

Management Confidential Positions
(click on position title to view job description)
Administrator, Student Programs
Associate Superintendent, Business Services
Associate Superintendent, Educational Services
Associate Superintendent, Human Resources
Chief Communications Officer
Chief Technology Officer
Database Administrator
Deputy Superintendent
Director, Business Services
Director I, Regional Preschool Instructional Network
Director I, Technology – Hosted Information Systems
Director II, General Services
Director III, Adult Correctional Education
Director III, Curriculum and Instruction
Director III, Educational Services
Director III, Innovation & Support
Director III, Human Resources
Director III, Student Programs
Director III, Student Programs – Special Education
Executive Assistant I
Executive Assistant II
Executive Assistant to the Superintendent
Executive Assistant III (Superintendent and Board of Education)
Grant Coordinator, Career Pathways Trust
Human Resources Analyst
Manager, District Payroll Services
Manager, District Business Services
Manager, Educational Services
Manager, District Financial Systems Support
Manager, Events/Projects
Manager, Maintenance and Operations
Manager, Projects, Educational Services
Manager, Student Programs
Manager, Technology/Curriculum Integration
Manager, Technology Project
Network Engineer
Network Systems Administrator
Principal, Parolee Education Program
Principal, Student Programs
Project Coordinator, Parolee Education Program
Project Manager Youth Development Services
Project Supervisor, Early Learning Quality Improvement Initiatives
Senior Director Educational Services
Specialist, Instructional Technology
Supervisor, Accounting Services
Supervisor Energy Safety Environment
Supervisor, Human Resources
Supervisor, Maintenance & Operations
Supervisor, Medi-Cal Programs
Supervisor, Student Programs
Supervisor, Youth Development Services

Professional Administrative Positions


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