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CCCOE Digital Citizenship Week 2017-2018
March 5 – 9

Source: Common Sense Media


Activities Menu

Choose at least one activity to complete your Digital Citizenship Week lesson!

Lesson 1 – Brainpop Video and Quiz

Watch this short BrainPop Video about Digital Etiquette and have students either take a quiz individually or as a class.

Lesson 2

Use this lesson with younger students to have a meaningful conversation about what cyberbullying is and what they can do if they witness it.

Lesson 3

Use this lesson with older students to learn about the factors that lead to online cruelty and what they can do to lessen the effects of cyberbullying.

Bonus Videos – Choose a bonus video to watch with your group

Video for Teenagers about Best Practices for Social Media

Source: Common Sense Media


Video for Younger Students about Online Safety and Digital Footprint

Source: Common Sense Media


Digital Citizenship Poster Exhibition

In addition to completing at least one of the above activities, we encourage participation in our poster exhibition! If selected, your submission could become the official 2018-2019 CCCOE Digital Citizenship Week poster!

Use facts/slogans/illustrations to create a poster about one of the following topics. All participants will receive a reward for their efforts. Ensure that the title on your poster includes “2018 CCCOE Digital Citizenship Week”. If selected, your submission will be the official poster of 2018-2019 CCCOE Digital Citizenship Week.

Posters can be completed on 8 1/2 x 11 paper, 8 1/2 x 14 paper, 11 x 17 paper, on Google Drawings, or another software program of your choice.

  • Poster Topic 1 – Social Media (interacting with others) Appropriate and inappropriate use / how is it a good tool / problems if it is abused / cyber bullying / etc.
  • Poster Topic 2 – Privacy (protecting yourself) Identity theft / privacy settings / how to protect yourself.
  • Poster Topic 3 – Fair Use & Copyright Academic use / intellectual property / copyright / piracy / plagiarism / do's and don'ts.


Submissions due by 5:00 pm PST March 23, 2018

Submit completed posters to:
Contra Costa County Office of Education
ATTN: Kelly Laidley
77 Santa Barbara Rd,Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

Submit digital posters via email to:

Please indicate the grade level grouping of posters in your submission (Primary, Middle, or High School)

Poster Rubric for Teacher Use

  3 Points 2 Points 1 Point

Title on Drawing
3 Possible Points

The selected topic, and “2018 CCCOE Digital Citizenship Week”, is clearly labeled and clearly conveyed.

The selected topic, and “2018 CCCOE Digital Citizenship Week”, is labeled.

Missing title.

Visual Impact of Poster
3 Possible Points

Selection of color(s), images and use of text attracts viewers and keeps their attention.

Selection of color(s) images, and use of text somewhat attracts viewers but may not keep their attention.

No color, images not present or are inappropriate. Poster does not attract viewers’ attention.

Text helps reader understand issues
3 Possible Points

Text clearly and creatively educates viewer on the topic, and instructs the viewer on how to take action.

No spelling errors.

Text is present but lacks creativity, somewhat instructs the viewer on how to take action.

No more than 1 spelling error.

Text not present, not informative, does not show creativity, unclear message to viewer.

Multiple spelling errors.

Overall layout of poster
3 Possible Points

Poster layout demonstrates a clear plan, effective use of space. Images and text work in harmony.

Poster layout somewhat demonstrates a plan for effective use of space. Images and text need to be rearranged.

Poster planning is not evident. Images and text are unrelated.


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